Date: 20th May 2001

Arnie Must List His Lovers

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's furious wife MARIA SHRIVER has demanded the movie star list his infidelities to save their marriage.

American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports Shriver has insisted Arnie compose a list of lovers, so they can avoid a messy divorce.

A friend says, "Maria wants positive proof that he's serious about their marriage. " Shriver has stood firm while allegations of her husband's infidelities have hit the headlines this year (01) but, apparently, the revelation that he enjoyed a secret seven-year affair with actress GIGI GOYETTE has really upset her.

The pal adds, "Maria now wants to be fully prepared if any more of Arnold's flings surface. " And she's also demanding Arnold report to her throughout his days, so she knows his days of straying are over. The pal says, "He must report in to Maria by cell phone several times a day - advising her who he's with and where he is. " (KL/NE/ES)

Source: WENN