Date: 19th May 2001

Angelina Jolie's Love For Lara

ANGELINA JOLIE loved playing computer game icon-cum-film goddess LARA CROFT in TOMB RAIDER (2001) - because she found herself.

The stunning HACKERS (1995)] actress, who adored adopting Lara's posh English accent, felt a deep affinity for her gun-toting character.

She says, "I feel as if I am actually her in a way. I mean, it's the things that I get to do that I love about playing her. It feels like I've joined some crazy army. "It's great to have that kind of accent in an action film because JAMES BOND has - she's not always very together, but she has a voice that's always proper. "She can sound lovely, precise and very intelligent, but she can be upside down and covered in mud. That's a great combination. "

But Angelina is reluctant to hail Croft as the ideal woman. She says, "We never looked at her as 'It's great because she's a woman'. She's not fighting men because she's a feminist, she'd fight anybody for what she believes in. She's just good at what she does. " (RP/WNE/NFA)

Source: WENN