Date: 18th May 2001

Angelina Jolie Tipped For Sci-Fi Thriller

Hollywood babe ANGELINA JOLIE is in talks to play an alien law- enforcement officer sent to Earth to hunt down criminal extra terrestrials in a new movie.

The $13 million (10 million) British backed UNDER THE SKIN will be directed by JONATHAN GLAZER, who also made SEXY BEAST (2000).

According to website ANANOVA the movie sees Jolie's character driving around picking up lonely hitchhikers. But the loners turn out to be aliens on the run, and are on her list to be exterminated.

A source close to the film says, "Jolie would be superb and she enjoyed making TOMB RAIDER (2001) in Britain. So, it's a question of talking her into coming back. " The film is due to go into production next spring (02). (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN