Date: 14th May 2001

Patricia Velasquez Loves The Female Form

MUMMY RETURNS, the (2001) star PATRICIA VELASQUEZ enjoys dating both men and women - and can't decide which she prefers.

The 28-year-old beauty is a confessed bisexual raver according to British tabloid the DAILY SPORT. And the former model who stars as an evil princess ANCK-SU-NAMUM in her new movie, once dated American funnygirl SANDRA BERNHARD.

She says, "I don't classify myself as gay or straight. " And on her relationship with Sandra she says, "Sandra and I were very good friends - as close as you can possibly get. "I love the female form. But men are a lot of fun too. "Why decide between them when you can have the best of both worlds!" (KMW/WNTSP/ES)

Source: WENN