Date: 12th May 2001

Winona Ryder: Not Gooey For Gere

WINONA RYDER has come under fire for starring in a May-December romance - but she insists she's not one for older men.

The sexy HEATHERS (1989) actress starred opposite RICHARD GERE in AUTUMN IN NEW YORK (2000), which was critically panned - mainly for the difference in the stars' ages.

But the petite brunette insists she was only an actress hired for a role, as she does not tend to go for older men herself She explains, "The role had been tailored with someone else in mind. I'd just come off GIRL, INTERRUPTED (1999), which was a labour of love for me, so it was a difficult adjustment. "The old guy/young girl thing is what this film is about. It's referred to constantly and even joked about - but I'm not into wrinkles myself. "

Gere was voted sexiest man alive two years ago by PEOPLE MAGAZINE - but Winona admits, "
I didn't vote in that poll. Richard is not the sexiest man in my books. Only perhaps BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is 50 and sexy. " (NQ/WNTEX/NFA)

Source: WENN



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