Date: 14th September 2000

Big Brother Mutiny Fizzles

The planned Big Brother mutiny that had been scheduled to take place during Wednesday's live broadcast never materialized. Although host Julie Chen said at the beginning of the show -- presumably with an eye on ratings -- that "the big news of the week is the Big Brother rebellion," there was little discussion of that "big news" either during the live broadcast or on the show's Web site.

Eddie, who appeared to be the last holdout in the walkout organized Saturday by George, said on camera Wednesday, "I just went with the flow. I regret saying that I'd do it." Curtis, who won a trip to attend the Emmys, said that he had urged the others to stay. "Every moment here is great," he remarked during Wednesday's telecast.

Meanwhile, CBS has pushed up the Big Brother finale to Friday, Sept. 29 from Sept. 30. Saturday is generally the lowest-rated night of the week.

Source: Studio Briefing