Date: 11th May 2001

Is Pamela Anderson Out Of Control?

Friends are concerned about PAMELA ANDERSON - as she and new beau KID ROCK exhibit "bizarre, unruly" behaviour at high-profile events. Guests at the BROWNSTABLE BROWN DERBY EVE party last weekend (5/6MAY01) got more than they bargained for when the ex-BAYWATCH babe arrived. According to internet SCOOP columnist JEANETTE WALLS, one guest reported, "Pam is sweet, but she made a fool of herself. We're worried about her. Maybe she's hanging with the wrong crowd. " Other guests at the party were reportedly shocked to see Pam openly flirting with ex-lesbian ANNE HECHE and talk show host ROSEANNE BARR. The Scoop columnist reports "making a fool of herself" included throwing back booze straight from the bottle, crawling on her hands and knees and licking the bald head of one of the male guests, according to one disgusted guest. (NFA/WNWCNE/ES)

Source: WENN