Date: 11th May 2001

Angelina Jolie Turns News-Hound

ANGELINA JOLIE has become a journalist by working in an American television newsroom for her latest movie role. The GIRL, INTERRUPTED (1999) beauty has been studying for her role in LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT (2002) by working in Seattle's CHANNEL 4 newsroom. And after training for the role the beauty then started shooting the movie in the very same newsroom - but sources claim arguments erupted between the real-life journalist and the film crew because the movie producers wanted quiet on the set. Gossip columnist TED CASABLANCA reports, "Off-camera the real-life scoopers came to verbal spars with the flick folks. The H-town types whined and snapped at the reporters to shut their yaps, while the bemused journalists defiantly continued their jawing." (MB/WNWCE/RP)

Source: WENN