Date: 11th May 2001

Cruise Affair Wrecked Two Marriages

The wife of the gay porn star being sued by TOM CRUISE is insisting her marriage ended after she found about their reported affair. Cruise has filed a $100 million (66 million) against CHAD SLATER after he reportedly told a French magazine he'd had a gay affair with the movie star. Slater, who also uses the name KYLE BRADFORD, now denies he ever told the magazine or anyone else he'd had the affair. But, according to American tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, his wife KRISTINA and a former agent say Slater, who works as a porn actor-wrestler, told them he'd had an affair with Cruise that included trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Kristina, who says her husband dropped the bombshell on her after 12 years of marriage, recalls, "One day he came home bursting with news. Chad told me, 'Guess what!' I just wrestled Tom Cruise. '" Kristina adds, after that, Chad was constantly going to the CENTURY PLAZA hotel in Los Angeles telling her he was meeting Tom Cruise - and even flew to Las Vegas and Hawaii confessing that he had a secret assignation with the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (1996) hunk. Chad's boasts finally got too much for Kristina and the couple split in January 2000. But she adds that when she saw Chad after he'd heard about Cruise's huge legal case against him, he was terrified. She says, "He sounded terrified and was stuttering. I don't think he ever foresaw this whole mess happening. " (LE/NE/ES)

Source: WENN