Date: 14th September 2000

What Liz Really Said About Hugh

Supermodel and actress ELIZABETH HURLEY would never say anything mean about HUGH GRANT - and now she's proven it.

The AUSTIN POWERS star ended her 13-year relationship with the British hearthrob in May (00), but the split went from bad to worse when American magazine JANE printed an interview claiming Liz said her ex was 'less than adequate' in bed - a claim the actress slammed right away.

After prolonged legal wrangles the magazine has issued a full apology, admitting the tape of the interview contains no comments about the star couple's sex life - to the delight of the leggy superstar, who claims she still loves her NOTTING HILL ex-lover.

She says, "I have spoken about Hugh hundreds, if not thousands, of times to the Press over the years. I have never said anything mean about him and I never would because I truly love him."

And Elizabeth lost no chance to tell the offending magazine exactly what she thinks of it.

She says, "I'm astonished and angry that an apparently reputable magazine could allow a journalist to write so irresponsibly.

Your conduct has been reprehensible throughout this whole matter. Hugh and I are bitterly upset.

"Journalism appears to have reached a new low."


Source: WENN



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