Date: 9th May 2001

Hollywood Writers To Vote On Deal

LATEST: Leaders of Hollywood's writers' union have agreed to let their members vote on a deal which would avert planned strike action. The WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA's (WGA) 11,000 members will be balloted on the deal reached last week with the body representing Hollywood studios, the ALLIANCE OF MOTION PICTURE & TELEVISION PRODUCERS. The proposal will increase writers' pay by $41 million (28 million) over the old contract, which expired at the beginning of this month, and increases pay for cable TV shows and distribution outside America. Actors will commence talks next Tuesday (17MAY01) on their own contract, but many fear that artists will walk out on strike if negotiations collapse, crippling American film and TV production. The WGA said in a statement its leaders had "voted unanimously to approve the terms of the proposed 2001 contract, and to recommend that the 11,000 members of the guilds vote to ratify that contract". The result of the writers' ballot will be known on 5 June (01), and a simple majority is needed to accept the proposal. Industry watchers believe the writers will accept the deal, which will also make an actors' strike much less likely. (RP/WNWCCB

Source: WENN