Date: 9th May 2001

Kete Winslet Plays Mum

Actress KATE WINSLET took a break from filming to enjoy one of her favourite roles - motherhood. The 25-year-old TITANIC (1997) star was thrilled when movie director husband JIM THREAPLETON popped in to see her with seven-month-old daughter MIA. Currently filming for her new film IRIS, the star took a five minute break to play with her family on Richmond Green, London. An onlooker says, "Kate ran out of the pub she had been filming in, gave Jim a big kiss and then reached over to help Mia out of her car seat. The three of them then played happy families nuzzling up to Mia and holding her as she stood up." Kate, who is playing the young author IRIS MURDOCH, has confessed to missing her family while away filming. Kate says, "Even if I'm away for one day, I really do miss them. In between remembering my lines, I think, Did I leave enough food for her?" (KMW/WNTSU/

Source: WENN