Date: 6th May 2001

Winona Vows To keep Her Kit On

WINONA RYDER is revolted by the idea of appearing nude on screen despite her reputation as a stunner. Soon to be seen starring alongside RICHARD GERE in AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, Winona claims she'd never reveal all, no matter how it might further her career. "I've never felt very sexy," the AGE OF INNOCENCE, THE (1993) star says. "I don't think most directors think of me with sex in mind, which is fine with me because I don't think I'll ever be happy enough with my own body to strip in front of the camera. " Despite being brought up by parents with a laid-back attitude to sex and nudity, Winona claims that she's always been a bit of a prude, adding, "I've always been very shy and I'm not comfortable with nudity, even with the guys I have spent time with. It would take an incredible film with a beautiful scene to ever get me to appear naked. And you'd still have to get me to drink a bottle of vodka to do it. " (KAB/WNSEXS/KW)

Source: WENN