Date: 6th May 2001

Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Reports Upset Family

LATEST: Friends and family of Welsh actress CATHERINE ZETA JONES are stunned by reports the actress has undergone cosmetic surgery. The 31-year-old star, married to Hollywood veteran MICHAEL DOUGLAS, 56, is said to have checked into Dr FRANK KRAMER's Beverley Hills clinic at 7:40am on 10th April to have surgery on her eyelids. The four-hour operation consisted of removing fat from the lower and upper eyelids to give a "tighter effect", costing 4,000 ($6,000). According to Britain's SUNDAY PEOPLE tabloid, which claims to have photos of her arrival and departure at the clinic, Catherine emerged from the clinic at 11am wrapped in a pink pashmina and sunglasses. She sped away immediately in a blacked out vehicle.

An old friend of the TRAFFIC (2000) star from her native Wales says, "She is stunningly beautiful, a huge film star and married to Michael Douglas - so why she's decided to have cosmetic surgery, God only knows. " But another family friend adds, "She's susceptible to getting puffy under the eyes. In Hollywood, looks count for everything so I'm not surprised. " Catherine's decision to alter her eyes has upset many of her friends from back home. The source says, "She has always tried to keep her feet on the ground and not let the Hollywood lifestyle change her into something else. "But sadly, it seems that's just what happened. " (AW/WNSPE/KW

Source: WENN



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