Date: 8th May 2001

Kidman Seeks Court Protection From Stalker

NICOLE KIDMAN has gone to court to protect her and her children from a man she claims is a stalker. The TO DIE FOR actress sought a temporary restraining order against MATTHEW HOOKER at Los Angeles Superior Court. Kidman alleges that Hooker, who styles himself as a poet and screenwriter, has been to her Los Angeles home in an attempt to see her. He tried several times to contact her through her management company before posting a message to her on his website last month (APR01), reading,
"Whoever is telling you what to say or do to me is . .. involved with a horrible and illegal violation of my rights. You are letting them sabotage any chance we have of being close. You won't find a more wonderful man, a better soul-mate, or a better husband. The fact that you have two lovely children doesn't bother me at all. I'm ready to be a father to them. " A week later, Kidman states, Hooker wrote to her offering to tutor her children "to give us the chance to get to know each other". The following day, on 22 March (01), Kidman states, Hooker approached the gate of her Los Angeles home saying he wanted to take her and her children out for ice cream, and would not leave for five minutes. Six days later, he returned with flowers, saying he wanted to take her to the ballet. He told a member of Kidman's staff, "She's playing hard to get. " When her security guards told him to leave the property, Kidman states, "he became aggressive and told one of them, This is between me and Nicole."' (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN