Date: 2nd May 2001

John Travolta Settles Lawsuits Over Two Films

Actor JOHN TRAVOLTA and two film companies have settled the cases out of court.

The lawsuits were concerned with the film, DONNIE BRASCO (1997) and a never-made ROMAN POLANSKI movie called THE DOUBLE.

RICHARD POSELL, an attorney who represented Travolta in the breach-of-contract cases, said the lawsuits were "settled to everyone's satisfaction,'' but declined to discuss the terms, adding: "The relationship is one that everyone wanted to preserve and maintain.''

The production companies, MANDALAY ENTERTAINMENT and LITEOFFER, sued Travolta in 1996, claiming that he breached a contract when he walked off the set of The Double, which Polanski was filming in France.

The companies claimed Travolta, a two-time Oscar nominee, verbally agreed to star in the film for $17 million (11.22million) but walked off after his character was rewritten. After Travolta's departure the film was never made.

Travolta then counter-sued Mandalay, claiming the company reneged on a deal for him to star in Donnie Brasco, which ultimately hit theatres in 1997 with AL PACINO and Johnny DEPP in the lead roles. (PDD/WNWR)

Source: WENN



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