Date: 2nd May 2001

Baldwin Brothers Protect Each Other

Actor ALEC BALDWIN has his very own guardian angel - in the form of his brother DANIEL. Last week (26APR01), the BEETLEJUICE (1988) star and fellow sibling WILLIAM were involved in a brawl at a New York basketball game.

A fan reportedly threw beer at the brothers and started heckling Alec about his split from KIM BASINGER, although nobody was charged over the incident.

Now Alec's younger brother Daniel has spoken out about the incident - and he thinks Alec's alleged assailant got off lightly. He says, "Once any fool enters the realm of touching or throwing an object, all bets are off. "I have yet to speak to my brothers, but once something was thrown at him, Alec was assaulted. That guy was lucky I wasn't there. I would have knocked his head off."

The MULHOLLAND FALLS (1996) hunk continues, "
When you touch me, get ready, because it's coming. And don't touch one of my brothers or I'm going to knock you out. I may get knocked out myself. It's happened, but not very often." (MCM/WNWCDN/KMW)

Source: WENN