Date: 1st May 2001

Downey Jr Used Drugs Weeks Before Arrest

ROBERT DOWNEY JnR's recent fall from grace is nothing new - he has been under the influence of drugs for over a month.

According to reports, the troubled ALLY McBEAL star's behaviour has been erratic for a few weeks, and everyone on the hit TV show's set long suspected he was back on the drugs.

A crew member says, "At times he can't even talk properly and he often sways while standing and acts bizarrely. He's appeared like he's under the influence for some time now. His arrest was just a matter of time, it comes as no surprise to anyone who works on Ally. "It's been awful at work, we've all been working extra long hours because it's been taking Robert so long just to shoot two minutes of dialogue. "But then it all changed, it became obvious he was back using again and the producers separated Robert off from the rest of us. We weren't allowed to socialise with him anymore." (MB/WN/ES)

Source: WENN