Date: 29th April 2001

George Clooney Gets Generous Nod

GEORGE CLOONEY is officially the most generous guy in Hollywood who hands out his money indiscriminately to anyone around him who needs it.

Actress JULIANNA MARGUILES, who co-starred with the BATMAN star on ER says, when several crew members died of cancer, the movie heart-throb dipped into his own pocked to help out their families.

Marguiles says, "George was the first person there by the family's side with money, if that's what they needed, or to help the children through school."

And Clooney is equally generous with his co-stars. While filming O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), he treated his castmates to shiny new mountain bikes because they had so far to walk to the set each day. (LE/PE/ES)

Source: WENN