Date: 28th April 2001

Penelope Cruz: I Always Knew I'd Be Famous

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001) actress PenÚlope CRUZ knew from the age of five she was destined for movie stardom, according to her ex- ballet teacher.

Proud ANGELA GARRIDO remembers the Spanish beauty standing at the front of the her ballet class in a little white tutu declaring, "I am going to be a star." But her parents had to dig deep in their pockets to finance her three dance classes a week.

Garrido adds "It was blatantly obvious that she had a gift, something special. And her ambition was offset by a very sweet personality. She was almost timid, but when she walked into my studio her eyes would light up. She came alive when she was performing." (RM/WNSMI/RP)

Source: WENN