Date: 28th April 2001

Kevin Spacey Outraged At Gay Jokes

Hollywood actor KEVIN SPACEY is outraged at always being the butt of gay jokes.

Almost every time there's a gay awards event, Spacey's name comes up to the sound of howls of laughter, according to the AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) star's pals.

At the New York annual dinner for GLAAD - the GAY AND LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION - earlier this month (APR01), an announcer made a crack about Spacey's track record with women saying, 'He hasn't got one, he just pretends he has.'

An insider explains, "The dining room was packed with gays and lesbians who believe Kevin is living a lie and should come out of the closet and man the barricades against discrimination with them." But the American star is tired of being a joke, say friends, "Kevin insists it's nobody's business but his who he hangs out with."(MB/TG/ES)

Source: WENN