Date: 28th April 2001

Cameron Diaz Annoys Cast With 'Diva' Antics

Actress CAMERON DIAZ has become so demanding that when she needs her underarm hair shaved, she makes her personal assistant do it.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star's hair-raising antics cemented the reputation of the actress as a spoiled star on the set of her current movie, SWEETEST THING, the (2001)

A source says, "She noticed between takes that she had some underarm stubble. "Instead of going back to her trailer to shave it herself, she lifted her arms high in the air and made her assistant do the demanding task right there in front of 200 extras."

Diaz, 28, who's earning $15 million (10 million) for the movie about three bed-hopping girls in search of Mr Right, went on to deliberately mess up an easy line in the script 20 times - just because she didn't like the scene, say sources.

Finally, after Diaz kicked up a fuss to the director and got the line changed, she bragged to co-stars CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and SELMA BLAIR that she "
knew the director would do it her way," says a source.

And after shooting a scene in which she and Applegate had to wear uncomfortable spiked boots, Diaz "
wouldn't even take off her own boots between takes - she had the personal assistant do it for her." (RGS/TS/ES)

Source: WENN