Date: 26th April 2001

Calista Collapses Over Co-Star's Carelessness

CALISTA FLOCKHART fainted when DAVID E KELLEY told her that her boyfriend ROBERT DOWNEY JnR had been arrested for drugs again.

Kelley, producer of ALLY McBEAL - the show that Calista and Downey Jr star in - called Flockhart into his office to tell her the bad news, before she slumped down onto the floor.

A source says, "Everyone ran over and tried to revive her. David's face was pale but Calista, who is usually very pale, was as white as a sheet." The actress, who recently adopted baby boy LIAM, sobbed as she said, "I can't believe this happened again."

Friends of Calista's fear that she is too kind and trusting a person to deal with Downey Jr's bad behaviour. A close pal says, "She has invested a lot of time and emotion on Robert. "When he was arrested last year (00) in Palm Springs for drug possession, he told her it was a set up of some sort. "None of us really bought that, but Calista is so trusting she believed him," the friend continues. "She's the type who always brought home the bird with the broken wing, hoping to fix everything and make it right. "She really thought she could make a difference. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case here." (AW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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