Date: 25th April 2001

Tommy's Blown His Chance

TOMMY LEE ruined his chance to get back together with ex-wife PAMELA ANDERSON by revealing that she attempted suicide.

The MOTLEY CRUE rocker disclosed details of an alleged overdose before dismissing it as a cry for attention. "The phone rang - a doctor said Pamela had swallowed half a bottle of aspirins at her place and blacked out. She was found unconscious by a girlfriend. I rushed to the hospital," Tommy said. "It was probably less a suicide attempt than a plea for attention."

Pammy - who found fame with tv show BAYWATCH - is spitting mad at his loose tongue. "It makes me cringe. After all this time and therapy. I just can't read that crap," she told ROLLING STONE magazine. (AW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN