Date: 25th April 2001

Ritchie Cheats Behind Madonna's Back

MADONNA was furious when she discovered director hubby GUY RITCHIE has cheated on his diet.

The star is renowned for her healthy lifestyle, and has a chef specialising in macrobiotic foods in the couple's home. However, Guy cannot abide the MATERIAL GIRL's diet - and Madonna flipped her lid when she discovered junk food stashed in his closet.

When Ritchie returned home, Madonna said to him, "I know what you've been doing - and I'm angry with you." Guy says in defence, "I love my wife, but she's gone a little crazy with this diet. She thinks it's going to make us live to be 100. I can't even look at another bean!"

He told the MUSIC star, "I didn't want to let you down, but I can't survive on beans and grains." However, the couple have reached a compromise - Guy will abide by Madonna's rules whilst at home, but may eat whatever he wants when he is elsewhere.

Madonna told a close friend, "It's fair. But I haven't given up on getting Guy to stick with this diet." (AW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN