Date: 22nd April 2001

Rodriguez Turned Down Muslim Marriage

Latino bombshell MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ turned down a marriage proposal from her Muslim boyfriend - because he wanted to tell her what to do and wear.

The GIRLFIGHT (2000) actress loved her partner, but when he listed exactly what he wanted from her she decided it was time for them to break up.

She says, "We got on fine and he respected me, until it came round to a marriage proposal. He then listed all the things he wanted me to do, like cover up my body and show nothing but my eyes.

He said, 'Your body is for me and my pleasure'. I told him, 'I thought you knew by now that nobody rules me'. I have had a few problems getting mixed up with controlling characters, who seem to find me a challenge because I'm a free spirit. So, I am now single - and enjoying myself." (CB/WNSTI/NFA)

Source: WENN