Date: 22nd April 2001

Ewan, Johnny And Jude To Ruffle Historians

EWAN McGREGOR, JUDE LAW and JOHNNY DEPP are to anger historians with their new movie - which slams WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

McGregor and Law run production company NATURAL NYLON along with Britpack actors SEAN PERTWEE and JONNY LEE MILLER, and plan to make a film about classical playwright CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE.

But the film will infuriate academics - it intends to side with Marlovians, by claiming Marlowe was the author of SHAKESPEARE's plays. The movie will show how Shakespeare - played by Jude Law - stole Marlowe's works and passed them off as his own.

[BLOW (2001) star Depp, who is to play Marlowe, says, "It's a radical spin on what people believe as being Shakespeare plays and the possibility that Marlowe wrote them. It's an interesting theory and a good argument." (CB/WNSEX/NFA)

Source: WENN



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