Date: 21st April 2001

Penelope Cruz Stuns Mother At Premiere

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001) star PENELOPE CRUZ used her star status to spring a surprise on her mother at the world premiere of her new movie.

Penelope's mother, ENCARNA, who is separated from her husband EDUARDO, chaperoned her stunning daughter during filming in Cephalonia, Greece, last summer (00), and befriended a local fisherman during her stay.

And Penelope approved of her mum's new pal so much that she persuaded DISNEY to fly the lucky man to London for the premiere on 19 April (01), and put him up at posh DORCHESTER hotel, where the rest of the Corelli party were staying.

Cruz's mother escorted her fisherman friend to the show after discovering him waiting in her suite. (NQ/WNBTE/KW)

Source: WENN