Date: 20th April 2001

Chris Robinson: Meeting Kurt Russell Was Weird

BLACK CROWES' CHRIS ROBINSON found it weird meeting his wife KATE HUDSON's parents for the first time.

But the singer had no problems getting along with GOLDIE HAWN and KURT RUSSELL who is a big rock music fan. Chris says, "We grew up watching them on TV. Me and RICH (ROBINSON - Chris' brother) used to have wrestling matches where I would be SNAKE PLISSKIN Russell's character in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and he would be MAD MAX and we'd kick each others as**s.

I first met them when they came down to one of the JIMMY PAGE shows in DC Washington, DC and, to me, I was meeting my wife's mother - that's how I saw it. "Kate and I connected on such an instant, deep level that I don't really think about them terms of these famous Hollywood actors.

Kurt - he's a rock guy. He came down to one of our sessions and thought that the first single, LICKIN, was the best of our new tracks, so he's obviously got good taste." (RP/K/ES)

Source: WENN