Date: 13th September 2000

Will They Walk?

Despite CBS's second-place finish, the network failed to place a single show in the top ten. Its highest-rated program was the Wednesday live version of Big Brother which finished 12th.

Tonight's (Wednesday) episode is likely to attract even more viewers, given much public speculation that the remaining six contestants may stage a mass walkout during the live telecast.

Although numerous reports appeared on the Internet Tuesday indicating that some contestants had backed out of their compact to quit the show together, the CBS Web site for the show failed to shed much light on the group's intentions.

Although the site features an archived video, recorded Saturday, showing the group voting to leave during the live telecast, no other video clips since then allude to the plan. The online edition of Electronic Media reported Tuesday that a producer of the show met with one of the contestants, Jamie, telling her that viewers loved them (and presumably would be upset if they quit).

The trade publication commented: "John's strong-arm tactics were enough to later convince Jamie and then others to break ranks with George's proposed mutiny." A CBS spokesman on Tuesday declined to comment on how the network intends to respond to a walkout if it does occur. Members of the group speculated during Sunday's discussion that the network would bring in alternates.

Source: Studio Briefing