Date: 18th April 2001

Hugh Likes "Grubby" Girls Like Bridget

HUGH GRANT fears he's turning into a pervert because part of him is turned on by the thought of a BRIDGET JONES "hangover shag."

The British actor admits he often finds himself eyeing up the "slightly grubby, overweight girl" in the office - just like his character DANIEL CLEAVER in BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY (2001).

He says, "I call them disaster girls and I quite like them. I totally understand the Bridget attraction. "I have her down as a hangover shag, where, when you have a hangover, you sort of fancy everything, particularly the grubby girl leaning over the photocopier with a little bit of coffee spilled down her skirt. I think that's very sexy."

And if he isn't eyeing up the "
grubby girl," Grant admits he has discovered women's golf is oddly titillating. He explains, "Have you seen some of those golfers? There is one French girl who's really sexy. That has to be one of life's great challenges - to look sexy on the golf course." (KL/US/RP)

Source: WENN