Date: 17th April 2001

Winona Not Scared Of Death

American actress WINONA RYDER is not scared of death - she gets reassurance from her religious beliefs.

The GIRL, INTERRUPTED (2000) star was raised buddhist by her mother CINDY HOROWITZ on a Californian commune. Having lost many friends to Aids, and seen her acid guru godfather TIMOTHY LEARY die in her arms from prostate cancer in 1996, Winona has learnt to deal with death.

She says, "I'm not afraid of death. His last words were, 'This is really amazing. Don't ever be afraid of this.' "He gave me the gift of not being afraid. I believe death isn't the end, it's the beginning of another journey." The stunning actress' beliefs came in handy during filming of her latest movie - where appeared as a terminally ill women who falls for RICHARD GERE in AUTUMN IN NEW YORK (2000). (ES/GL/NFA)

Source: WENN



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