Date: 17th April 2001

Ewen Bremner Close To Death At Boot Camp

Actor EWEN BREMNER risked his life preparing for his role in PEARL HARBOR (2001) - and the American army gave him a reward for his bravery.

The actor spent a couple of weeks at a real life army boot camp to get into shape for the movie, and nearly ran himself into the ground with the intense physical training.

But even though the army captain wanted to send the Scottish actor to hospital, Bremner insisted on completing his training. He says, "I was hallucinating, I couldn't walk properly and my temperature was going bananas. They were sending someone to check on me every 15 minutes as I slept, to see if I was still breathing."

Co-star BEN AFFLECK remembers, "Ewen was like, 'I want to finish the mission, sir.' You could tell they were thinking, 'This kid has balls.'" Bremner survived the camp and was honoured by the officers with a plaque sporting two grenades hanging from a rope - the coveted BRASS BALLS AWARD. (SVD/PRE/KW)

Source: WENN