Date: 16th April 2001

Bruce Willis' Spiced Up Sex Life

BRUCE WILLIS' new sex life is better than ever - because his girlfriend uses special equipment to improve her performance.

Willis' new squeeze ALISHA KLASS is a devoted user of the KEGELMASTER 2000, an exerciser which strengthens the vaginal walls. She says, "I can't describe the intensity. Many women ask me questions about improving their sex lives. My number one suggestion is always 'Get the Kegelmaster'."

And if anyone needs another testimonial all they have to do is ask Willis what he thinks. A source says, "Bruce is crazy about Alisha's sex moves and says she's one of the most exciting women he's ever known. "He told friends that making love to Alisha is sheer ecstasy." (SVD/GL/MCM)

Source: WENN