Date: 16th April 2001

Meg Ryan Sets Sights On Susan Sarandon's Man

MEG RYAN has set her single sights on SUSAN SARANDON's lover TIM ROBBINS after her disastrous relationship with RUSSELL CROWE.

Eyewitnesses say that she was openly flirting with the 42-year- old actor, who has two children with the much-older Sarandon, at trendy Manhattan bar Armstrong's Saloon.

The eyewitness says, "Meg was acting like a smitten schoolgirl, gazing into Tim's eyes, laughing at everything he said and grabbing his hand to let him know how terribly amusing she found every word he said. "Meg told a friend, 'Tim is a woman's dream, he is mature, intelligent and funny. You just want to wrap him up and take him home.'" (SVD/TG/PDD)

Source: WENN



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