Date: 15th April 2001

Stallone's Fitness Regime

SYLVESTER STALLONE credits meditation, two good meals a day and wife JENNIFER FLAVIN's skincare range for his continuing good looks.

The ROCKY (1976) star, 54, meditates for 15 minutes at the beginning of every day and takes great care in what he eats and when he eats.

He says, "Meditation gets your brain on right and helps you establish what you want to accomplish. "Eating wise I just eat two fairly substantial meals a day early and then if I have to go to dinner late I'll eat at 3pm in the afternoon, so at dinner I'm not that hungry.

"Dinner is 90 per cent protein, and lately I've been eating these things my wife creates in her lab. She's very successful and has this tremendous skin line too and I'm her guinea-pig."

And the muscular RAMBO (1987) hunk admits he has to stay in shape because everyone he meets likes poking him. He adds, "As much as I'd like to sit there and feel like I did when I was in COP LAND (1997), there's a tremendous emphasis on the physique. "People poke me in the arm and in the stomach. You get a physical from everyone you meet." (KL&BA/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN