Date: 15th April 2001

Whoopi Just Beat Tina For Ghost Role

WHOOPI GOLDBERG may have won an OSCAR for her role in GHOST - but TINA TURNER was the first choice to play psychic ODE MAE BROWN.

Director JERRY ZUCKER reveals all as part of the new DVD release of the hit PATRICK SWAYZE and DEMI MOORE movie, which hits shelves in America next week (beg16MAY01).

Zucker admits at one point he couldn't choose between the two but eventually settled with comic Whoopi, who was "perfect for the role".

Also featured in the specially packaged re-release of the 1990 movie are interviews with the cast and crew. It's revealed that Demi Moore auditioned for Ghost (1990) with long hair and chopped her locks off to her famous bob by the time they started production.

Viewers will also learn that not only could Demi cry on cue, she found a way of selecting which cheek a tear would roll down. (KL/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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