Date: 13th April 2001

Ashley Judd Sued For Libel

Actress ASHLEY JUDD is being sued for libel - after claiming on national television that a reporter made up a story about her.

The actress went on the American entertainment show, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, attempting to clear her name but she ended up acting like a complete diva.

She ranted about how the reporter involved in a story, which he claims came direct from Judd's mother's mouth, had made the entire piece up. She then allegedly lashed out at the public insisting, "I don't give a flying f*** what you people think" before standing up, ripping off her microphone and storming out of the interview.

The reporter is now suing Judd for libelling him, and doubting his professional integrity. The prosecuting reporter wants to use the video tape of her outburst in evidence. Judd doesn't want the video to be seen in court. (SVD/WN/RP)

Source: WENN