Date: 13th April 2001

Julianne Margulies Snubbed By Donald Sutherland

Former ER actress JULIANNE MARGULIES is being given the cold shoulder by her on-stage co-star DONALD SUTHERLAND.

Margulies and Sutherland are appearing in a play called the TEN UNKNOWNS at New York's LINCOLN CENTRE - but the 65-year-old actor won't talk to Margulies off stage.

One friend says, "He won't give her the time of day. He invites other cast members into his room to hang out and ignores her. She feels like he's keeping her away from the rest of the cast. "As soon as they're done performing, Julianne just talks to the stagehands and goes home." (SVD/US/RP)

Source: WENN