Date: 13th April 2001

Bridget Jones Cuts The C-Word

The much anticipated movie BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY (2001) has cleaned up it's act - cutting the controversial c-word.

British actor PATRICK BARLOW, who plays shopping channel host JULIAN, issues the controversial one-liner, "You ham-fisted old c**t", which had American screening audiences rolling in the aisles.

The `C' word has been cut from the finished film, and replaced with the more suitable, "cow". Early viewer RACHEL PAYNE says, "I can't believe they cut it. That was the funniest line in the movie, I was screaming in the cinema. I'm British and I really think Brits back home would find it as hilarious as I did. I took my mum and dad and they shrieked too. The line just isn't as funny."

Although the C-word has gone, audiences are still stunned by the graphic content of the movie. In one sex scene Zellweger teases Grant, "What you've just done is illegal in many countries." Grant then tells her to "turn over" onto her front, adding "I'll give you something to bite on." (SVD/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN