Date: 13th April 2001

Ben Affleck Wants To Step Out Of Harrison Ford's Shadow

BEN AFFLECK hopes his version of JACK RYAN will be completely different to HARRISON FORD's.

The hunky star has taken over as TOM CLANCY's hero in SUM OF ALL FEARS, the (2002) which is currently filming in Canada. But he insists the new film will have a different tone to the earlier ones.

He says, "We're trying to do something different. "Hopefully, after the first few minutes, you'll be involved in this movie. If you're sitting there thinking about three other movies that you saw before, then we've not done our jobs properly."

The film's director PHIL ALDEN ROBINSON also revealed his intentions to start with a clean slate. He says, "
ALEC BALDWIN and HARRISON FORD were great in the role, and if I allowed myself to think a whole lot about that, we'd be in trouble.

"So I have to pretend this is the first Jack Ryan movie. We have to look at it afresh and use it as an opportunity to revitalise the franchise and put some fresh blood in it." The film revolves around a group of terrorists who try to blow up America's SUPERBOWL. It is due to be released some time next year (02). (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN



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