Date: 12th April 2001

Josie and The Pussycats's Bum Deal

The stars of new movie JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS (2001)'s on-set fashion disasters were a thrill to the crew - because they kept baring their backsides.

Sexy trio ROSARIO DAWSON, TARA REID and RACHAEL LEIGH COOK had to wear hipster pants with six-foot tails attached to the back, and crew would step on the tails just to get a glance at the stars' bums.

Dawson says, "We also had these high-heeled prostitute shoes and we kept stepping on the tails ourselves and it would pull the back of the pants and people would be checking out your a** crack all the time." Reid adds, "They were so low, they're only for standing. Once you sit down, your butt's showing. Because I played the drums they had to make my pants so they were lower in the front than the back. "We really looked like three retards in our ears and tails." (KL/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN