Date: 12th April 2001

Hugh Grant Thanks Devine Brown For Career Luck

HUGH GRANT believes his arrest after being caught with a prostitute was the best career move he ever made.

The hunky FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (1994) star is notorious for the embarrassing incident with hooker DIVINE BROWN in Hollywood in 1995. But Grant, who last year (00) split with actress ELIZABETH HURLEY after a 14-year relationship, admits the incident opened lots of doors for him.

He explains, "The day I was arraigned, JOE ROTH from DISNEY rang and said, 'Please, please, please I beg you on bended knees to do 101 DALMATIANS (1996).' And you can't get more family-orientated than that.

I got way more offers after the arrest than I did before, really and truly. But I couldn't bear to do c**p all those years. I've never turned down anything that's gone on to be a success except the villain in TITANIC (1997) and I'm still delighted I didn't do that. I have done a few things that turned out to be failures." (MB/TK/KW)

Source: WENN



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