Date: 12th April 2001

Stars Cash In On Favourite Flights

GWYNETH PALTROW gets a pair of trendy TOD'S moccasins, RUSSELL CROWE gets in-flight pyjamas and JULIETTE BINOCHE gets CHRISTIAN DIOR aviator sunglasses - as jet-setting perks.

The world's top five airlines are competing for the stars - by offering them a string of first-class goodies. And the ruse is working. Never before have celebrities been so faithful to who they fly with.

AMERICAN AIRLINES, which boasts Paltrow, ED HARRIS and KATE HUDSON among its frequent flyers, offers a soothing OSCAR & DEHN eye mask and an ultra-trendy TUMI bag. Binoche, Kristin Scott Thomas and ELLE MACPHERSON will receive a sumptuous caviar and lobster meal, an APRE-MIDI DE CHIEN FOURMI bag and foot balm when they fly with AIR FRANCE.

VIRGIN ATLANTIC offers JUDE LAW and MILLA JOVOVICH Pentra- hydrate oxygenated water, a LANCEL's duffel bag and a BURBERRY wool-and-cashmere-blend wrap. SHE'S ALL THAT (1999) star RACHaEL LEIGH COOK gets RALPH LAUREN socks and a Swiss army knife when she takes to the skies with AIR CANADA.

And QANTAS offers regular flyers Crowe, LIV TYLER and CATE BLANCHETT a Jockey shirt and a trendy BOBLBEE backpack. (KL/EW/NFA)

Source: WENN



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