Date: 11th April 2001

George Clooney Movie Spawns Surprise Hit

A song featured in GEORGE CLOONEY's movie O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (2000) has surprised record industry experts by becoming a huge hit in America.

I AM A MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW, currently sitting at number 14 on the BILLBOARD chart, has sold nearly 800,000 copies and is getting heavy rotation on all kinds of radio stations across the States.

That is despite the COEN BROTHERS' film's lack of commercial success. The movie tracks Clooney and two other prisoners attempts to escape in Depression era in America's Deep South. Modelled on HOMER'S ODYSSEY, it features a recording by the trio, who call themselves THE SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS.

The singer on the country track is DAN TYMINSKI, although viewers of the film can be forgiven for thinking that it was actually Clooney who is singing. And now the real band of the same name are setting out on a national tour to promote the single, starting at New York's prestigious CARNEGIE HALL. (RP/WNWCXX/KMW)

Source: WENN