Date: 9th April 2001

Freddie Got Fingered Gets Fingered- Website Won't Name Names

LATEST: The creator of website NEWGROUNDS.COM, TOM FULP is refusing to name the crew member who presented him with stolen footage from comic TOM GREEN's new movie FREDDIE GOT FINGERED (2001).

Fulp has already aired two stolen scenes, featuring madcap Green masturbating a horse and sucking a cow's udder, on his internet site, prompting producers at REGENCY ENTERTAINMENT to slap a cease and desist order on him last week (ends06APR01).

Fulp claims he had "50 minutes" of stolen footage given to him by someone who "broke into the editing suite." Lawyers and police have been called in to prevent Fulp from showing the scenes. (KL/DV/KW)

Source: WENN