Date: 8th April 2001

Best Picture Gladiator Full Of Blunders

It may have won the Best Picture Oscar, but GLADIATOR (2000)'s been branded a film flop for its dozens of historical blunders.

The flick, which stars RUSSELL CROWE, has a total of 124 historical fluffs and continuity blunders. The mistakes involve 20th century technology, blood that magically disappears and ridiculous anachronisms such as extras wearing blue jeans.

JON SANDYS, creator of, says, "My favourite is the gas canister that can be seen in one of the chariots - not exactly something you would find in Roman times. "Another good one is just after the opening battle scene you can see one of the barbarians celebrating wildly with the Romans. They were obviously short of extras. "I've seen the film many times," 22-year-old Sandys chuckles, "spotting the mistakes makes it even more fun." (AW/WNTMI/MCM)

Source: WENN