Date: 7th April 2001

Jack Nicholson And Benicio Del Toro Enjoy Romantic Outing

OSCAR-winning actor BENICIO DEL TORO and new pal JACK NICHOLSON went to watch a basketball game recently - and ended up attending a wedding.

The pair were watching the LA LAKERS' game when a young couple, who described themselves as "die-hard fans" of the team, said they were getting married during half-time - and begged the stars to attend.

According to American publication THE GLOBE, the Hollywood heavyweights thought it would be fun, so they joined the makeshift wedding party near a stairwell next to the concession stand. And Jack even gave a champagne toast to the couple. Both actors kissed the bride, before returning to their seats to watch the second half of the game. (RGS/TG/NFA)

Source: WENN