Date: 6th April 2001

Russell's Oscar Breach Of Protocol

RUSSELL CROWE has been blasted for wearing his grandfather's Member of the Order of The British Empire Medal (MBE) to the OSCARS.

The GLADIATOR (2000) star maintains the cross, which he wore pinned to his ARMANI tuxedo, had never seen the light of day - because his grandfather STAN died before he got the chance or the occasion to wear it.

But far from honouring his deceased grandfather, military experts fear Crowe's decision to wear the medal was in poor taste. CLIVE CHEESEMAN, the Chairman of the British College of Arms, insists the medal, which was awarded to World War II veteran and cinematographer Stan Crowe for his film work in the Pacific, Singapore and Tripoli, should not be worn by anyone who didn't actually receive the honour themselves. He explains, "It's not appropriate." (LE/P/NFA)

Source: WENN