Date: 12th September 2000

Catholic Group Claims TV Won't Bash Gays But Will Bash The Pope

The conservative Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the nation's largest Catholic lay organization, has denounced a segment of last Friday night's Politically Incorrect in which actor Jay Mohr mocked Pope John Paul II as "some 80-year-old guy who lives in a bullet proof bubble, wears a bib -- they got to wipe his mouth. He's in a diaper and he's trying to tell me who to have sex with." In a statement on Monday, Catholic League president William Donohue remarked that although Politically Incorrect claims to offend all groups equally, "If Mohr really wants to push the envelope, he should try bashing gays. After all, since it's politically incorrect to do so these days on TV, that would really push the envelope. ... Now the civil way to deal with this problem would simply be to stop bashing everyone. That's the kind of equality that most Americans want."

Source: Studio Briefing